Sunday, May 9, 2010

10 Favorites

Happy Mother's Day! I know both of us are so grateful to have loving moms.

Tom and I consider ourselves to be semi-foodies (we will admit to the occasional visit to a chain restaurant).

We have traveled a bit over the last four years and today I thought I would share 10 (actually 11) of our favorite places in the world. Since I couldn't order them by preference, I went with the alphabet :-)

~ Astrid y Gaston
Lima, Peru

~ Buffalo Bistro
Glendale, UT

~ Eileen's Colossal Cookies
Cheyenne, WY

~ Fuego Bistro
Phoenix, AZ

~ Great Wall
York, PA

~ Los Dos Molinos
Phoenix, AZ

~ Love Love Teryaki
Salem, OR

~ Lucile's
Fort Collins, CO

~ Mary's Lake Lodge
Estes Park, CO

~ Samba
Las Vegas, NV

~ Wayrana
Arequipa, Peru

This is not the top 10 (or 11), but all places worth checking out. Bon appetit, mes amis!

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