Sunday, August 14, 2011


Now that I am feeling at least well enough to be functional, I am feeling the need to start planning for a house with a little one.

Hoping to draw on the wisdom of those that have already started their journey down this path, I have a few items for which I am seeking the advice of experts:

1. Essential items to have in the house for mom, dad & baby

2. Items we really don't need (but clever marketers insist we do)

3. Good reading material for what to do when the little one comes home with us (I am shamefully clueless in this department)

4. How to help the furry one prepare for the new arrival

We will definitely be grateful for any pearls of wisdom you have to share.
<3 Tom, Holly & Duncan

1 comment:

  1. 1. A swing
    2. A bumbo chair- use pillows or your boppy breastfeeding pillow
    3. I can mail you some books...
    4. This is the hardest one. Work on toys for dog vs. toys for kid so Duncan know what is his and always has something to play with, vs. what is the kiddos and he shouldn't be jumping at.